August 1996 Massachusetts Reunion

Here's my brother Fred trying to make the best toss...

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Here's Paul Filosa trying to throw the perfect egg shot... I think he missed! <g> Anthony Leeber on left

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Lots of Leeber cousins cheering on the remaining egg toss palyers... Aren't we all nuts?

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Leeber cousins enjoying each other... Do we remember names? <g>

(From left to right: Rich Dow, Maria Leeber Dow, Stephanie Dow, Tony McKinney, Jeannette Leeber Arlock, Patty Filosa, Jonathan Travaline, Ellen Leeber, Casey Leeber, Leslie Leeber Meade, Paul Filosa, Paul Leeber)

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Leeber Family having fun during an egg toss game...

(From left to right: Jeannette Leeber Arlock, Leslie Leeber Meade with camera, Kathleen Leeber Gianfrisco, Rich Dow, Jeanine Leeber, James Leeber, Nicole Leeber)

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Aunt Ruby caught off guard with her granddaughter (Jimmy's baby)

96reunion6.JPG (60725 bytes)

Marie, Jim, and Paul

96reunion7.JPG (76635 bytes)

Great cousin picture.... Jim, Paul, and Fred

96reunion8.JPG (72659 bytes)

Marie, with son Matthew, Jim, and Donna

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