italy_flying_flag_small.gif (6425 bytes) 12. Pietro Leopardi was born on 18 Dec 1871 in Sulmona, Italy. Carrubino was a nickname given to Pietro.

Photos: 1900s Photo

Pietro Leopardi and Anna had the following children:

italy_flying_flag_small.gif (6425 bytes)child+53 i. Emanuele Leopardi.
italy_flying_flag_small.gif (6425 bytes)child+54 ii. Concetta Leopardi.
wv_flag.gif (40054 bytes)child+55 iii. Michael Leopardi. (later changed name to Leeber)
italy_flying_flag_small.gif (6425 bytes)child+56 iv. Giovanni Leopardi.
italy_flying_flag_small.gif (6425 bytes)child   57 v. Luigi Leopardi.

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