songclipnote.gif (878 bytes) SECOND GENERATION

italy_flying_flag_small.gif (6425 bytes) 3. Biagio Leopardi (my great Grandfather) was born on 2 Feb 1831 in Sulmona, Italy.

Angela Maria DiProspero, daughter of Giuseppe DiProspero and Maria Domenica Antolini, was born on 19 Feb 1841 in Pratola Peligna, Italy. Biagio Leopardi and Angela Maria DiProspero had the following children:

italy_flying_flag_small.gif (6425 bytes)child+10 i. Antonio Leopardi. (some descendants migrated to South America - Alessandra's great Grandfather)

italy_flying_flag_small.gif (6425 bytes)child+11 ii. Pasquale Leopardi. (still trying to locate family)

italy_flying_flag_small.gif (6425 bytes)child+12 iii. Pietro Leopardi. (remained in Italy - son Mike came to America and changed name to Leeber))

usa_flying_flag_small.gif (8429 bytes)child+13 iv. Giacomo Leopardi. (my Grandfather and patriarch of the West Virginia Leebers - first settled in New York in 1894, Thomas, WV in 1901, Coalton, West Virginia 1902, and   McAlpin, West Virginia, near Beckley in 1914)

usa_flying_flag_small.gif (8429 bytes)child+14 v. Donato Leopardi.  (reared family in Coalton, West Virginia, later moving to Newton, Massachusetts - patriarch of the Massachusetts Leebers)

Note:  The Leeber Family are descendants of Pietro, Giacomo, and Donato Leopardi


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