songclipnote.gif (878 bytes) FIRST GENERATION

italy_flying_flag_small.gif (6425 bytes) 1. Panfilantonio Leopardi (my great-great Grandfather) was born in 1791 in Italy. It seems that Panfilantonio was not born in Sulmona because they have no other court data or they may only have registries of the age of the Italian Kingdom (1860-70 to 1946). In a former period there was a Catholic Pope government, so information about births and deaths could be found in the churches more than the court offices.

Photos: 1997 Court Document

Gaetana Paolilli was born in 1792 in Italy. Panfilantonio Leopardi and Gaetana Paolilli had the following children:

italy_flying_flag_small.gif (6425 bytes)child+2 i. Vincenzo Leopardi. (Domenic's great great Grandfather)
italy_flying_flag_small.gif (6425 bytes)child+3 ii. Biagio Leopardi. (my great Grandfather)
italy_flying_flag_small.gif (6425 bytes)child+4 iii. Francesco Leopardi. (Flora and Gabriella's maternal great Grandfather)
italy_flying_flag_small.gif (6425 bytes)child+5 iv. Antonio Leopardi. (Flora and Gabriella's paternal great Grandfather and Gary DePollo's maternal great great Grandfather)

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