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wv_flag.gif (40054 bytes) 13. Giacomo Leopardi  was born on 17 May 1877 in Sulmona, Italy. He came to New York in 1894 at 17 and changed name to James Leeber. Catherine came to America in 1901 from Naples at 15. Giacomo and Catherine were married in New York November 1901 and moved to Thomas, West Virginia. the same year. A few years later he and his wife moved to Coalton, about 50 miles southwest. In 1915 Giacomo, his wife, and family moved to the southern part of the state, McAlpin, West Virginia, near Beckley and remained until the end of their lives.Their plight is discussed in the Leeber Saga.  He was naturalized on June 14, 1904 in Thomas, West Virginia, Tucker County. He died on 8 Nov 1948 in Beckley, West Virginia. He was buried in Beckley, West Virginia at Sunset Memorial Cemetery.

Photos: 1920 McAlpin Company Store  | 1920s Mine Photo | 1920s Photo in McAlpin | 1925 Photo | 1927 Photo with son James | 1929 Photo with Gene | 1930s Photo in Coal Mines | 1940s Photo with Sue | 1948 Death Certificate | 1948 Obituary | 1948 Funeral Arrangements | 1997 Photo Made for Reunion   | 1997 Letter of Induction for Ellis Island Wall of Honor | 1997 Ellis Island Certificate

He was married to Caterina Rusciano, daughter of Vincent and Veta Rusciano, November 1901 in New York. Caterina Rusciano was born on 9 Dec 1886 in Naples, Italy. Came to the United States in November 1901. She died on 29 Dec 1945 in Beckley, West Virginia. She was buried in Beckley, West Virginia. Giacomo Leopardi and Caterina Rusciano had the following children:

Photos: 1927 Photo | 1937 Photo with Mary | songclipnote.gif (878 bytes) 1940s Photo with Fury | songclipnote.gif (878 bytes) 1942 Photo | songclipnote.gif (878 bytes) 1942 Group Photo | 1943 Photo | 1945 Death Certificate | 1945 Obituary | 1945 Funeral Arrangements

flag_michigan_animated.gif (27232 bytes) child+58 i. Mary Josephine Leeber.
wv_flag.gif (40054 bytes)child+59 ii. Minnie Leeber.
flag_michigan_animated.gif (27232 bytes)child +60 iii. Julia Marie Leeber.
flag_michigan_animated.gif (27232 bytes)child+61 iv. Sue Leeber.
wv_flag.gif (40054 bytes)child+62 v. James Leeber Jr..
wv_flag.gif (40054 bytes)child+63 vi. Anthony Philip Leeber.
flag_newyork_animated.gif (36339 bytes)child+64 vii. Victor Stephen Leeber.
wv_flag.gif (40054 bytes)child+65 viii. Elizabeth Lucille Leeber.
wv_flag.gif (40054 bytes)child66 ix. Mary Louise Leeber  was born on 5 May 1917 in McAlpin, West Virginia. She was christened on 20 Jun 1917 in Beckley, West Virginia.No court records.Baptized as Mariann Leoparde on Jun 20, 1917 at St. Fancis de Sales Church in Beckley, WV by J. P. T. Holzmer. Godparents were Alfonso DiProsbe and Maria Leoparde. Birth listed as May 5, 1917 in McAlpin, WV. Louise resides with her nephew, James Victor Leeber

Photos: 1930 Photo with Fury and Liz | Early 1950s Photo | 1954 Photo in Mamie | 1967 Photo with James | 1984 Photo with Rick and Toni |1997 Reunion Photo with Helen Leeber

flag_newyork_animated.gif (36339 bytes)child+67 x. Fury Fred Leeber. (my Father)
flag_michigan_animated.gif (27232 bytes)child+68 xi. Helen Lena Leeber.
wv_flag.gif (40054 bytes)child69 xii. Arthur Leeber was born on 12 Feb 1922 in McAlpin, West Virginia in Raleigh County. He was christened on 14 Oct 1923 in Beckley, West Virginia.  Baptized as Arthur Leopardi on October 14, 1923 at St. Fancis de Sales Church in Beckley, WV by Matthias O'Reilly. Godparents were Compan Nunzio DiBacco and Commarz Lucia Rusciano. Birth listed as February 12, 1923 in McAlpin, WV. He died on 15 Nov 1925 in McAlpin, West Virginia. Cause of Death listed on death certificate as Hydrouephroxic by Dr. G. W. Johnson, filed in the Raleigh County Court House, Beckley, West Virginia. He was buried on 1 May 1946 in Beckley, West Virginia after being moved to Sunset Memorial Cemetery  from a previous cemetery. 

Photos: 1924 Photo

flag_michigan_animated.gif (27232 bytes)child+70 xiii. Eugene Leeber.


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