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This website grew from a need to unite the Leopardi family.  Our ancestors hail from a small Italian village, Case Lupi, located near the town of Sulmona in the province of Abruzzo.  Leaving his brothers (Antonio, Pasquale, Pietro, and Donato) in 1894 at the age of seventeen, my grandfather, Giacomo Leopardi (aka James Leeber), left Case Lupi in route to America, arriving first in New York and finally settling in Thomas, West Virginia in 1901. His brother Donato left Case Lupi in 1896 at sixteen, joining his brother Giacomo in New York, traveling together with him to Thomas, West Virginia. It was in Thomas where the boys changed their last name to LEEBER. Their plight is discussed in the Leeber Saga.  This website is devoted to the Leopardi family genealogy, including biographies, photos, and music. You may view details of my immediate family by clicking here. 

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